Comprehensive Wellness Exams

It is so important that pets have thorough physical examinations at least once per calendar year!  As they age, a checkup at least every six months is best.  There is much to consider!  Your pets’ physical fitness, joint health/mobility, nutrition, oral hygiene, and skin/ear health are all important to his/her quality and length of life.


Skin and ear problems are some of the most common reasons pets are seen by a veterinarian.  A proper diagnosis and appropriate therapies give the best long-term results.


Minor stomach upsets are also frequent among pets.  Some of these are “simple” and others may be indicative of allergic, inflammatory, parasitic, or other medical conditions.


Chronic kidney disease affects many aging pets.  Bladder infections and other forms of cystitis are painful and may even indicate serious underlying problems such as stones, diabetes, or Cushing’s Disease.


Pet foods and treats comprise a multi-billion dollar industry.  It’s important to know how to wade through marketing hype and make good decisons about what to feed your companion.

Obesity is one of the most common life-threatening afflictions affecting our pets in America.  Without proper knowledge, it is quite possible to feed them to early death.

Nutritional supplements are largely unregulated.  That being said, many chronic health conditions may benefit from their use.  Knowing which products are trustworthy and beneficial is fundamental to spending your money wisely.


Most behavioral and/or training issues result from a lack of perspective.   Once we consider things from a canine/feline perspective, solutions become clearer and more attainable.  Punishment based training methods rarely yield the desired results, but do adversely affect our relationships with our pets.  Consultations, either in the clinic or at your home, are available.  A referral to an  area trainer for implementation of behavior modification may be part of the recommended treatment plan.

The Low-Stress Handling and Fear Free movements in veterinary medicine have brought about a new awareness of things we do in a clinic setting that actually increase our patients’ stress and anxiety.  Banking positive experiences for my patients is a top priority at WWPWC.


Microscopic evaluation of lumps/bumps, skin/ear infections, etc. can be performed at the clinic.  Screening tests for heartworm, feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus, and urinalyses can also be completed in-house.  Wellness and diagnostic blood/urine screening may be sent to an outside commercial laboratory.


Proper immunization is a vital part of both individual pets’ and the general pet population’s health and wellness.  Know the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to controversy surrounding judicious use of vaccines.  At WWPWC, I only use non-adjuvanted feline vaccines.  Canine vaccines are chosen with purity and efficacy in mind.  All vaccination recommendations are based on guidelines published by AAHA, AAFP, ACVIM, and other expert scientific panels.


WWPWC stocks certain medications on-site and offers an extensive Online Store with access to thousands of competitively priced products. 

Policy re: Outside Online Pharmacies

When it comes to your pets’ medications (and YOURS, for that matter), you should know that there are very real concerns about the safety and efficacy of drugs supplied through unauthorized/unethical/illegal channels.  (FDA re:online pharmacies)  By offering our own online store option, we are trying to stay cost-competitive for your benefit, providing you with an authorized distributor of veterinary pharmaceuticals.  As a bonus, your dollars stay in your local economy rather than funding an anonymous corporate giant.

That being said, I will never refuse your right to shop around.  I am willing to write prescriptions for your pet’s medication(s), assuming s/he is up-to-date with timely examination and necessary laboratory testing. (AVMA re: Prescriptions and Pharmacies).  You may then submit the original signed prescription(s) to the pharmacy of your choice.  I ask for your understanding, as I will not communicate directly (by phone, fax, or email) with any online pharmacy.  Also, I am unable to email a prescription for your pets’ medications to you, as this would be a violation of 21 NCAC 46.1806 (North Carolina Pharmacy Rules).  

House Calls

For some animals, the trip to the clinic is just too stressful to endure.  In other cases, there are multiple pets needing attention, and the trip to the clinic is just to stressful for the pet parent to endure!  In either case, a house call appointment may be planned in advance.


Euthanasia implies that ending the life of a patient is for the patient’s good, to end suffering.  It is a blessing to be able to provide a peaceful passing to a devoted companion.  It is my utmost goal to make the process comfortable and fear-free for my patients.  The procedure can be performed at the clinic or in your home, by appointment.  Pet parents are welcomed to be present throughout.  Children are also welcomed, at their parents’ discretion.  Cremation services can be facilitated through Good Shepherd Pet Services.